U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell

McConnell Op-Ed "Four Steps for the U.S. to Help Israel" Appears in Wall Street Journal

LOUISVILLE, KY – U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) authored the following op-ed that appeared Monday, October 9, 2023 in The Wall Street Journal.

Dan Mosley

Op-Ed: LG&E/KU’s Plan to Retire Coal-fired Power Plants in Kentucky further Threatens the Reliability of the Electric Grid

OPINION: Submission by Harlan County, KY Judge Executive Dan Mosley

Kentuckians have been faced with high energy bills and increasing costs at the pump and grocery store. These costs will only continue to rise as utility companies plan premature retirements of coal-fired power plants and transition to more expensive, less reliable forms of energy.

Growth and prosperity start with affordable and reliable power. Coal has consistently been the cheapest form of electricity, and for years Kentucky was known for having some of the lowest utility rates in the nation. However, that has changed over the last decade, due to the premature retirement and replacement of coal plants at a time when energy demand is greater than ever.

Chris Woolery

OPINION: Utility Disconnections in Kentucky are Dangerous, Ineffective, and Unnecessary

Op-Ed by: Chris Woolery, the Residential Energy Specialist at the Mountain Association

The number of Kentuckians who had their power disconnected increased by 228 percent last year as compared to a 29 percent increase nationwide, according to a new study by the Energy and Policy Institute and Center for Biological Diversity. Kentucky’s average electric bills also increased 17 percent. Huge increases in disconnections and bills make it clear: current rates are unaffordable, especially as inflation soars.

Melissa Martin, Ph.D.

An Opinion: Being Thankful

Opinion submission by Melissa Martin, Ph.D., a syndicated opinion-editorial columnist.

As soon as my eyes open each morning, I give thanks for the air going in and out of my lungs. Another day – I am alive. God still has a purpose for this timeworn gal. So, I pray for my family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and humans around the globe; some I know and most I don’t know.